Latin dance classes are social, fun, cultural and teach you how to bring mutual awareness to movements with a partner. Our Latin dance program consists of Salsa, Argentine Tango and Bachata classes. With any of these Latin dance styles, you can bring your personal creativity to the dance floor while understanding how movements in your body can affect your dance, and your partner. Pre-registration is required to maintain an equal leader to follower ratio. Partner changes are encouraged! Signing up with a partner is not mandatory. 



Salsa is a fast-paced dance that is fun to learn, can boost your confidence and relieve stress. It's also a great way to meet new people! A carefully constructed class syllabus has been designed so that each student can establish a comprehensive foundation and understanding necessary for effective progression.


Argentine Tango

Argentine Tango is a powerful dance characterized by its intensity, complexity, and most of all passion. Tango is a 'non-verbal' dance embodying a high degree of consciousness. 



Considered the 'slow dance' of Latin dances, Bachata is a sensual dance rooted in music from the Dominican Republic. It's simple to dance and fun to learn!


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