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Aerial Silks Workshops


Get fit while dancing on air.

If you've ever dreamed of running away and joining the circus, then this class is for you. Silks is a beautiful combination of circus and dance. Sophisticated and elegant, the combination of strength, flexibility and artistry will get you floating on air while toning the entire body. At City Dance Corps, we have two levels. You will first learn fundamental techniques in an Absolute Beginner course and gradually work towards more advanced movements higher on the silks in a Level 2 course.   

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Modern Technique for Absolute Beginners


Learn from the bottom to the top.

Discover the foundations of modern dance with this introductory course for absolute beginners. Dancers will enjoy learning basic techniques rooted in traditional modern dance styles including Graham and Limon. This is a 7-week progressive session that is designed to introduce you to modern and contemporary dance genres. This course is great if you are interested in working towards Contemporary dance classes.

No experience needed.  

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Bachata Crash Course


Be dance floor savvy.

This workshop is designed for dancers who have some basic lead/follow knowledge but are new to Bachata. Learn how to use body movement and lead/follow technique to create your own
sensual and exhilarating bachata style. Basic patterns and musicality are a major focus. Spaces are limited! Taught by Cornell Mannings.

Great for Beginners.

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Thriller Dance: October 2014

Learn the evil of the Thriller.

Just in time for Halloween, learn the "evil of the Thriller" inspired by Michael Jackson's popular music video.  Get your zombie moves down before you hit the dance floor at your next Halloween party.  The routine will be taught from beginning to end in each class.  Add some spook to your moves by enrolling in one class, or perfect your moves with every class offered this month.

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