Salsa Technique

turns, timing, movement & more.

This class is dedicated to making you look and dance fabulous, whether you are dancing shines, or with a partner. This class focuses on:

  • Spin techniques

  • Lead/Follow techniques

  • Strengthening your musical understanding

  • Improving body awareness for better balance and dynamics

  • Making you an overall more confident and skilled salsa dancer

This class is a great compliment to your other Salsa classes, or if you are looking to fine tune your moves. Not to mention, it is a fantastic workout with a burn rate of over 300 calories per class.  You can't have this much fun at the gym. This is a drop in class and no pre registration is required.

Basic Salsa experience is needed.

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If you are new to Salsa, start with our INTRO TO SALSA course.


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