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From Beginners to Advanced.

Salsa is fun, social and a great way to get fit and boost your confidence. City Dance Corps has a full Salsa program that will transform you from an absolute beginner to an advanced dancer. A carefully constructed class syllabus has been designed so that each student can establish a comprehensive foundation and understanding necessary for effective progression.

No partner needed. Learn from internationally recognized instructors. Get results fast.

To join our Salsa program at a level other than Intro to Salsa, you will need to be assessed by an instructor. If you already have experience dancing Salsa, call in and drop by our Salsa practice to get your level evaluated and see which class is best for you.  

If you are new to Salsa, start with:


Salsa levels at a glance.

  • INTRO TO SALSA - 4 week course

  • SALSA BEGINNER 1 - 4 week course

  • SALSA BEGINNER 2 - 12 week course

  • SALSA INTERMEDIATE 1 - 12 week course

  • SALSA INTERMEDIATE 2 - 12 week course

  • SALSA ADVANCED - ongoing

  • SALSA TECHNIQUE - ongoing for all dancers

Have questions? Check out our LATIN DANCE FAQs

Have you already had some Salsa training and wonder what level is best for you? Book a FREE Salsa assessment. 

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