Fabiola Dieuve recently joined us in Toronto from Montreal to share her passion in Dancehall Culture. She recently returned from Jamaica where she studied with some incredibly talented dancers. Mrs.Faby is the founder of Catch Di Riddim, an annual series of events, workshops, dance competitions and activities designed to create a united Canadian Dancehall community and build a strong and safe bridge between Canada and Jamaica for cultural and artistic projects.

DanceHall is being taught and studied by many dancers around the world by some truly talented and informative individuals. However as a female, Fabiola recently felt the strong need/want to bring attention to THE LADIES. Due to popular demand, she will be teaching “RudeGyal DanceHall” to celebrate the huge contribution of those amazing Female Dancers/Instructors to the Dancehall scene.  Female Dancehall vocabulary is rich, vibrant so don't be scared and come learn the most popular and current Female Jamaican Dancehall Steps!