Carlos Boeri was born in the province of Buenos Aires. He originally studied Law, and in the 1980s took his first tango classes at the University of La Plata.  In 2000, he reinitiated his tango immersion in Buenos Aires.  

Carlos and Alison won First Place in the City of Buenos Aires Tango Championship, Senior Category, 2014. They perform at important Buenos Aires milongas - Club Sunderland, Milonga 10, DNI, La Baldosa, Salon Canning, Fruto Dulce, Muy Lunes, Confiteria Ideal, La Nacional. Carlos and Alison have taught extensively in Buenos Aires - including El Torquato Tasso, La Casa Bicentenario, Tango & Tango and Aires Tangueros, Milonga Amapola, and in other cities including Berlin ( Carlos Boeri with Fatima Vitale ) , Copenhagen, Prague, Shanghai, Brussels, Montreal,  Toronto,  Halifax.

Carlos and Alison have performed and taught in several International Tango Festivals including Taipei International Tango Festival, Rio de Janeiro Tango Festival, El Congreso Toronto Tango Argentino Festival, Victoria International Tango Festival, Quebec Tango Festival. They were featured in a CBC TV documentary on Dance in Toronto, and a french documentary on dance in South America hosted by Jean-Marc Généreux.

Carlos and Alison teach traditional social tango. They have a profound knowledge of the stylistic history of the dance having developed long term relationships with the Old Maestros.  Through their teaching they transmit a style that is elegant, authentic and deeply musical. 

Carlos’ legal action in 2013 caused the Buenos Aires Tango Championship to remove restrictions of gender and nationality from the competition, in a landmark case.