In 2005 Alison first went to study tango deeply in Buenos Aires , where she met her husband and partner Carlos Boeri. She brought to tango her background in modern dance, contact improvisation and ballet. She has a BA in Performing Arts from Brighton University (U.K.) In addition to her work in tango, Alison has an MA in Film and Television Direction ( Royal College of Art, U.K. )  and has worked for the BBC, the Sundance Channel, and directed music videos, documentaries, and the award-winning feature film Mouth to Mouth starring Ellen Page.  Currently Alison is developing a feature length film set in the Buenos Aires tango scene.

 Alison and Carlos have danced and taught together for 10 years.

Carlos and Alison won First Place in the City of Buenos Aires Tango Championship, Senior Category, 2014.  They perform at important Buenos Aires milongas - Club Sunderland, Milonga 10, DNI, La Baldosa, Salon Canning, Fruto Dulce, Muy Lunes, Confiteria Ideal, La Nacional. Carlos and Alison have taught extensively in Buenos Aires - including El Torquato Tasso, La Casa Bicentenario, Tango & Tango and Aires Tangueros, Milonga Amapola, and in other cities including Berlin, Copenhagen, Prague, Shanghai, Brussels, Montreal,  Toronto,  Halifax.

Carlos and Alison have performed and taught in International Tango Festivals,  including Taipei International Tango Festival, Rio de Janeiro Tango Festival, El Congreso Toronto Tango Argentino Festival, Victoria Tango Festival, Quebec Tango Festival.  Carlos and Alison teach traditional social tango. They have a profound knowledge of the stylistic history of the dance having developed long term relationships with the Old Maestros.  Through their teaching they transmit a style that is elegant, authentic and deeply musical.