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489 Queen St W 3rd floor
Toronto, ON, M5V 2B4


Toronto's number one centre for dance instruction and studio rentals.



Shuffle hop step your way to the music.

Tap dance trains the body and the ear to move to different rhythms while strengthening your timing, speed and coordination. We have absolute beginner classes that help build a strong foundation, to drop in classes at all levels.  We even feature a rotation of the city's best instructors to teach our Advanced level classes for those looking for a challenge.

From absolute beginners to advanced.


ABSOLUTE BEGINNER LEVEL 1: This is a registered course for students with little or no dance experience. Tap shoes are required by the third class. This progressive course will introduce students to the fundamental tap steps, rhythms, musicality and so much more.  Students usually repeat this level before moving on to ensure a solid understanding of the foundations.

ABSOLUTE BEGINNER LEVEL 2: This is a registered course for students who have completed four sessions of Absolute Beginner Level 1, or who have had a minimum of six months of Tap dance training. Familiarity with traditional single, double and triple time steps, paddle and rolls, running flaps, three, four and five point riffs, traditional cramp rolls, essence steps and traditional steps---Irish, Buffalo, Maxi Ford, Waltz Clog. This level works on gaining mastery of the steps listed as well as present variations of these steps. Crawls, swing steps, patterning, technical and musical training will also be presented.

BEGINNER: Drop in class.  For students who have mastered the Absolute Beginner Level 1 and 2 courses or have 1-2 years of Tap dance training. Students will be expected to show a very good understanding of the basic steps and some of their variations. Students will be challenged to learn new vocabulary, as well as use existing foundations as a launching point for more complex choreographies with increasing speed and technical execution. 

ADVANCED BEGINNER: Drop in class. For students who have a minimum of 2 years of Tap dance experience. This class will work on rhythmic drills, expanding basic vocabulary, understanding basic music theory, travelling steps and combinations.  In addition to technique, there will also be a strong focus on musicality, timing and history.

BEGINNER/INTERMEDIATE: Drop in class.  For students who have a minimum of 3 years Tap dance experience and who demonstrate a strong understanding of the discipline and are proficient with the foundation steps taught in the previous levels. Students will work on rhythmic drills, expanding knowledge on music theory, travelling steps, turns, and combinations. There will be a strong focus on advancing technique in speed and complex rhythms, timing, musicality and history.

INTERMEDIATE: Drop in class. For students with 5-8 years of training, or who have technical proficiency, a thorough understanding of vocabulary, very good musicality, speed, clarity and control. Technically difficult steps will be the focus, with complex combinations.

ADVANCED: Drop in class.  For students with over 8 years of Tap dance training. 

MUSICAL THEATRE TAP: Advanced Beginner Level. Drop in class. For students with a minimum 2-3 years of training or those who can demonstrate a good understanding of basic steps and technique. Students will work on expanding their vocabulary, understanding music theory, increasing speed and clarity, and improving technique and musicality, with a focus on practicing stylized combinations to show tunes.