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Salsa is a fun workout and a great way to meet new people and socialize.

Salsa can be an effective stress reliever and boost your confidence. The Salsa program at City Dance Corps offers a variety of social outlets, from our FREE weekly practice sessions to our monthly outings. Our new curriculum is progressive and designed to make you a great Salsa dancer and quickly. Technique is important and a major focus of our program. Don't wait. Start your Salsa classes today.

No partner needed. Learn from internationally recognized instructors. Get results fast.


City Dance Corps has an extensive Salsa program offering lessons from beginner levels to advanced.· From the social dancer to the competitive dancer, our classes provide:

  • Quality instruction designed to progress the abilities of each student
  • Fast results with a solid foundation
  • Fun and relaxed learning in a social environment
  • Up to date material to get you moving on the dance floor
  • 'On 1' and 'On 2' training

City Dance Corps Salsa instructors have been featured as guest instructors locally and internationally and have performed at Salsa congresses world wide, including:

  • Canada Salsa Congress: 2004-present
  • Montreal Salsa Convention: 2005-present
  • Israel Salsa Congress: 2012
  • Peru International Salsa Congress: 2013
  • Ireland Salsa Congress: 2005-present
  • Bermuda Mambo Nights: 2008-present
  • World Salsa Congress Puerto Rico: 2004
  • Guest teachers and performers: New Jersey, LA, England, Japan, Greece, Mexico & New York


Our Salsa Program

Salsa at City Dance Corps can transform you from an absolute beginner to an advanced dancer. A carefully constructed class syllabus has been designed so that each student can establish a comprehensive foundation and understanding necessary for effective progression.

Intro To Salsa

Learn how to dance to Salsa after your first class. Our Intro to Salsa class will teach you everything you need to get you moving and is a great way to get hooked on Salsa. No partner needed.
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Salsa Beginners - Advanced

Learn the style and rhythm of Salsa, how to dance with a parter, and great moves for the dance floor. From Beginner  to Advanced, these classes work on technique, timing, style and rhythm. Each level is progressive.
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Salsa Technique and Salsa Shines

Be better at turns, balance, timing and style. These Drop in style Salsa classes are dedicated to making you look and dance fabulous, whether you are dancing shines, or with a partner.
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Salsa Monthly Social

Join us for a casual evening of dancing with our monthly Salsa Socials. This is a great way to meet and dance with other students and instructors while perfecting your Salsa dance skills.
Great music and great people.

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Salsa Practice

Practice is key, and it's FREE. Salsa practice is a supervised weekly practice hour for all students and non students looking for a friendly and social environment to practice their moves.
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Salsa Performance Classes

If you have the dream of hitting the big stage, then this class if for you.  Work together with a professional choreographer and a team of student dancers towards one of our two annual showcases. Curtains, lights, music.
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Privates & Practicas

Want to learn in a private environment? Take a private one-on-one with an instructor. Learn at your own pace. Get better, faster. These lessons can be booked in any dance style.
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City Dance Corps offers monthly workshops that are unique and specialized in a specific dance form.  Fun, exciting and versatile, these workshops have just what you need if you are looking something new and different.
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Stay connected with our events, Socials, performances, and more. From Salsa nights out to holiday parties, don't miss out on our exciting events.
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Questions about classes?    416.260.2356     This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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